Life moves quickly at GG电子官方软件下载, 和 not just because of the 10-week terms. GG电子官方软件下载的 vibrant community presents myriad opportunities for students. You can pursue your existing interests 和 talents or discover new ones!

Want to crack Star Wars food puns over a meal? Watch your friends at a dance show — or bust a move yourself? 扔飞盘? 不管你的兴趣是什么, you’ll find plenty of ways to stay artistically, 智力, 和 physically engaged at GG电子官方软件下载.


GG电子官方软件下载 is an active learning 和 living environment by design. That means students aren’t just academics. 他们也是社区成员. Nearly 96 percent of students live on campus — in dorms, 兴趣及文化馆,或联排别墅. This residential l和scape fosters enduring friendships 和 connections, 和 creates an immersive college experience.



我们有超过 200个学生组织 that cover everything from arts to athletics to activism. So you’re bound to find plenty of things that pique your interest. You’ll try new things, make new friends, 和 take your passions to the next level. 了解更多 about getting involved through the 学生活动办公室.


Our passion isn’t limited to the classroom. Academic departments 和 offices from across the college bring a rich variety of visitors to campus each term. Catch a distinguished scientist, activist, or artist at the 每周集会系列. See professional dancers 和 musicians in the Kracum Performance Hall. Or join classmates for an intimate lecture on a specialized topic. With regular film screenings (from film noir 和 foreign cinema to second runs of recent blockbusters), 每学期都有新的艺术展览, 以及定期的学生表演, 有 always something interesting to see or do on campus.


More than 70 percent of students take part in sports at GG电子官方软件下载. This includes everything from 大学运动代表队 soccer to Ultimate Frisbee to competitive ballroom dancing. 我们有20个 大学运动代表队 团队,24 俱乐部 sports, 14 intramural leagues, 和 dozens of physical education classes.

You’ll find opportunities to challenge yourself 和 be part of a community, 这一切都是在锻炼肌肉. Plus, our on-campus, state-of-the-art 娱乐中心 is available at no charge to all students. At the Rec you’ll find yoga 和 cardio classes, 健身中心, a rock climbing wall 和 bouldering cave, 壁球和壁球场, 还有室内跑道. We’ve also got two pools on campus that offer classes 和 open swimming.


Diverse, Intercultural, Respectful

GG电子官方软件下载的 不同的社区 encompasses people from around the world 和 a host of backgrounds 和 identities. Several campus offices 和 organizations help our community thrive. We have programs designed to support students who identify as:

  • people of color 和 international students
  • ”+
  • 低收入
  • 第一代
  • 其他未被充分代表的群体

了解更多! 参观 Office of International 学生生活, 跨文化生活办公室, 三人组, 性别 & 性中心,和 GG电子官方软件下载牧师服务.


GG电子官方软件下载 is ready to help you exp和 your horizons. If you want to volunteer at a Northfield nonprofit or study geology in New Zeal和, Center for Community 和 Civic Engagement校外研究 office will make sure you achieve those goals. 的 职业中心 will assist you in finding a rewarding 和 résumé-boosting 实习. 还有政府办公室 学生奖学金 can help you secure the funding for an exciting summer research project.


A GG电子官方软件下载 president once famously said: “的 typical GG电子官方软件下载 student is someone who would be offended by the idea that there is a typical GG电子官方软件下载 student.” We take pride in both our individuality 和 our community spirit, so you’re bound to find friends with whom you have a lot in common 和 some who are wonderfully different from you. No matter what your interests are, at GG电子官方软件下载 你会发现 who share them — or would love to learn more about them.


忘记乏味的成人仪式吧. Our traditions reflect our lighthearted irreverence. We might take our studies seriously, but we also know how to have fun. Where else will you find a Cookie House, Friday Flowers, Spring Concert,和 Silent Dance Party? 进一步了解我们的 非传统的传统.


是的,明尼苏达州很冷. 天气也变得很暖和. You will love watching the leaves change from green to gold 和 red in fall. You will enjoy the serenity of a quiet snowfall in winter. And you will join all of campus in rejoicing in the first signs of spring. No matter where you’ve lived previously, you’ll appreciate the experience of Minnesota’s four diverse seasons. We promise: the weather is way more awesome than it is scary. 了解更多 about the seasons at GG电子官方软件下载.


GG电子官方软件下载的 got the best of both worlds. We’re nestled in a cozy river town with a charming main street 和 lots of beautiful lakes, 州立公园, 附近的森林. And we’re just 45 minutes from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis 和 St. Paul — the metro hub of the upper Midwest. 了解更多 about life in (和 around) Northfield或者更好的是, 你自己来看看吧!